The Morning Star 4* Review for The Last Time I Died

The Last Time I Died album cover

The Morning Star recently reviewed Ní Ríain’s debut album The Last Time I Died recently released on NMC Recordings giving it 4 stars.

IN HER debut album, Ailis Ni Riain’s The Last Time I Died is a broad demonstration of her curious and unique creative mind.

The works featured on the album are written for a variety of chamber groups and feature renowned musicians like Darragh Morgan and Evelyn Glennie.

In 150 words, it is hard to capture the essence, or contrasting qualities of every work, however the resounding quality of the album is that almost everyone will find a work which speaks to them.

For me, The Last Time I Died is one of the most powerful elements of the album, and being the closing work makes the journey through the album extremely dramatic and highlights her compassionate quality.

My overall feeling is this album is long overdue. The fact it has taken so long for her to have a debut album is a travesty. Let’s hope the album brings her some much-deserved celebration.

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