TAKEN (2012)

TAKEN – an acousmatic composition for the Clitheroe Castle ‘Keep’ commissioned by Mid-Pennine Arts as part of their Contemporary Heritage Series for Clitheroe Castle, East Lancashire, England and supported by Lancashire Museums. Inspired by the story of the Lancashire Witch Trials in 1612 and the national recognition of the 400th anniversary 2012.

“TAKEN is about re-animating the Keep through music evoking those last months of captivity where I imagine that the accused might have hummed to themselves and each other to comfort, entertain, mourn, motivate or simply to kill the silence.”

Visitor responses:

“It is a haunting piece…what an interesting way of interpreting the place, the landscape and historic episode, a tragic one in Lancashire’s past.”

“Wonderful, thoughtful.”

“A spectacular piece, very evocative and moving.”

“Atmospheric, spectacular views-evoking bygone ages.”

“Eerie, like ghosts singing.”