Soundless performed by Xelmya 1st Sept, Berlin


The German trio XelmYa will give a performance of Soundless for recorder, viola and oboe on Sunday 1st September 2019 at Schwartzsche Villa in Berlin. Soundless is based on a work by Andrew Topel – a visual poet from the USA.

The promotion of contemporary music and music by women composers are two of the main topics of XelmYa. XelmYa holds contact with many international composers, and develops concepts and programmes for concerts, realised at e.g. the festival “Klangwerkstatt Berlin“, the “spahlinger fest” in Chicago, the concert series „unerhoerte Musik“ in Berlin, the series “TonalÁtonal” in Mexico, or FAT CAT concerts in Berlin.

Presented by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin / field notes. Details. 


Soundless performed by Xelmya 1st Sept, Berlin
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