Skloniste, Northern England October Tour 2016


Sklonište combines live music, photography, video, archive footage, story-telling and texts marking 20 years since the end of the siege of Sarajevo. 1425 days – is a long time to have to run for shelter in your own city. Buy Tickets.

Sklonište is an alternative reflection on the longest siege in modern warfare – 13,952 were killed. Expect the surreal, the tragic and the humour of a people determined to survive with Dermot Dunne (classical free-bass accordion).

“Sklonište pays respectful homage to the people of Sarajevo, a timely reminder of how the horrors of war impact on innocent civilians. An excellent musical recital, Dermot Dunne’s discordant accordion playing lent a disturbing sense of immediacy. It’s discordant soundtrack, ever truly evoked a strong response.”  – The Irish Examiner