‘Sklonište’ at Cork Midsummer Festival, 24th June 2018

Following on from performances in Paris, Manchester, Dublin, Derry, London, Birmingham, Leeds and Sarajevo, we present two performances of Sklonište at Cork Midsummer Festival on Sunday 24th June at the Crypt at St Lukes Church.

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Reactions to Sklonište

‘Ni Riain has composed a work which is serious, engaged, authentically post modern – but which still manages to be lyrical, melodic and deeply moving.’

“Powerful, poignant.”

“I was deeply effected by your piece…what a piece, I am still in “there”…

“Thought provoking.”

“Sklonište pays respectful homage to the people of Sarajevo, a timely reminder of how the horrors of war impact on innocent civilians. Discordant accordion lent a disturbing sense of immediacy ever truly evoked a strong response.”  – The Irish Examiner


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