Schiffe 2012

Ailís spent August 2019 on board the RV Celtic Explorer as part of a unique research residency for a new project with Aerial Sparks which will form part of 2020 Galway European Capital of Culture.

The ship is a multi-purpose research vessel operated by the Marine Institute in Galway, Ireland. It came into service in 2003 for use in fisheries acoustic research, oceanographic, hydrographic and geological as well as buoy/deep water mooring and ROV.  Ailís wrote a blog post for Scientists at Sea during her time on the ship.

“I’ve often thought that scientists and artists have much in common, especially with those of us exploring sound. In fact, I suspect there are many scientists who might well be more creative than some artists. Society requires both innovative scientists and innovative artists to drive forward new ways of thinking, doing, making and living.”

An interview with Ailís post-trip published at Galway European Capital of Culture 2020.

Residency – RV Celtic Explorer Aug ’19 Galway Capital of Culture 2020
Residency – RV Celtic Explorer Aug ’19 Galway Capital of Culture 2020
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