Reading of Bitterweed in Cork – 11th Oct 2018

Sarajevo 2013:4 – 8
There will be a reading of Ailís’ new play Bitterweed at The Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork, Ireland on Thursday 11th Oct at 8pm. BITTERWEED hones in on a splintered family struggling to regain a sense of identity some twenty years after the devastation wreaked during the Bosnian War and the siege of Sarajevo in particular.


“It takes me a while to recognise her.
To allow myself recognise her.
I’m afraid she isn’t real.
Afraid she’ll disappear if I stretch out my hand to touch her,
afraid she’ll fade away in front of me.”

Sarajevo 2013:4 – 8
Cork Everyman
Peggy Ramsay