‘Hearing impairment is an invisible disability – this can lead to assumptions by people, even those who know us well’

Ailís is deaf/hard of hearing and her work has referenced this through a variety of projects developed with and produced by DadaFest, Unlimited, Arts & Disability Ireland, Shape Arts, Drake Music and Outside In.

Lived experience has informed Ní Riain’s artistic practice as both a writer and composer since she begin to create.However, not all of her work references these experiences, in fact, Ní Ríain’s interests are startlingly varied and necessarily inquisitive.

A selection of works dealing more specifically with deafness, communication difference, disability, mental ill-health, war, conflict and addiction are listed here. Also, Delia Derbyshire Day an organisation of which Ailís was a founding member.

Ailís is a long-time advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion in the arts and is proud to sit on the Musicians Union Equality, Diversity and Inclusion steering group, the board of Disability Arts Online in addition to being a Board Director of the Ivors Academy,

“My aim is to enable a deaf audience and ‘disable’ a hearing audience.”


“We have a disabling society. That is what we live in.”

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I Used to Feel - Ailis Ni Riain
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Kinetic Light Wired 2022
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Ailis Ni Riain The Falling