Positionen Publication [German] Feature on Deaf/Disabled Artists


Listen to Sandris Murins Contemporary art music blogger interview with Irish composer Ailís Ní Ríain for POSITIONEN [German] publication. Transcript available for deaf/hard of hearing listeners via contact form on this site.

“The November issue of Positions is here 128 pages on “What can music (be)”. What are the aesthetic and practical playspaces and what can we as scene professionals do to expand them – from functional dispositions and reflections to activism? When will contemporary music perform something new, not only musically or conceptually, but also in terms of production methods, infrastructures and the like? Is the contemporary music really democratic, open, accessible?
Therefore, together with Sandris Murins, we have designed a topic focus on the Disability/Ability discourse – which we will continue to follow in the coming weeks.
With this booklet, the two editors and editors Bastian Zimmermann and Andreas Engström will now publish their 20th booklet. Book a total of 137 books of positions history and celebrate 5 years of position publishing and cooperation. You are all cordially invited to read the new booklet and celebrate with us!”