Populating the Stage – Published

Populating the Stage

Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre: Populating the Stage edited by Anne Etienne and Thierry Dubost has been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The publication includes an essay by Dubost on Ailís’ 2013 play The Tallest Man in the World which was presented at 2015 conference at University College Cork – Populating the Stage. 

“This book addresses the notion posed by Thomas Kilroy in his definition of a playwright’s creative process: ‘We write plays, I feel, in order to populate the stage’. It gathers eclectic reflections on contemporary Irish theatre from both Irish theatre practitioners and international academics. The eighteen contributions offer innovative perspectives on Irish theatre since the early 1990s up to the present, testifying to the development of themes explored by emerging and established playwrights as well as to the (r)evolutions in practices and approaches to the stage that have taken place in the last thirty years.

This cross-disciplinary collection devotes as much attention to contextual questions and approaches to the stage in practice as it does to the play text in its traditional and revised forms. The essays and interviews encourage dialectic exchange between analytical studies on contemporary Irish theatre and contributions by theatre practitioners.”