18th January 2024
Calling Mutely Through Lipless Mouth [Irish Premiere]
Ulster Orchestra, Ulster Hall, Belfast
BBC Invitation Concert Radio 3

27th January 2024
Born Unfixed to Break and Bend and Leave Behind [Premiere]
The Fidelio Trio
Dark Music Days Festival, Iceland

24th Feburary-25th March 2024
Calling Mutely Through Lipless Mouth [BBC Radio Premiere]
BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

16th Feb -26th April 2024
Dendrocopos/Haptic Voices [installation]
Tangled Art & Disability
Toronto, Canada

24th March 2024
Consent #7
Lina Andonovska, Dermot Dunne
@silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin

18th April 2024
Oneiric [World Premiere]
Jane Hackett, Takt, Brick 15, Vienna, Austria

30th May 2024
Doomed. Done for. Damned. And Still…
Glasgow University

3rd August 2024
Counterweight for contra-bass clarinet & fixed media [World Premiere]
Sarah Watts @ Clarinetfest 2024, Dublin, Ireland

3rd August 2024
Don’t! for bass-clarinet and cello
@ Clarinetfest 2024, Dublin, Ireland

24th October 2024
Wind quintet and percussion
New London Chamber Ensemble and Dame Evelyn Glennie
@ Sound Scotland Festival, Aberdeen, Scotland



6th March 2023
Consent #7
Sarah Watts, Carla Rees @ Northern Lights Project
Derry, Northern Ireland

19th April 2023
Calling mutely through lipless mouth [premiere]
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Ensemble 10/10
Liverpool, UK

20th April 2023
Refuse to be Wrecked [premiere]
Elizabeth Hilliard [voice] & electronics
New Music Dublin Festival, Dublin, Ireland

28th April 2023
2 Steep 4 Sheep [some hills are]
Kate Halsall [harmonium] & fixed audio
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

11th May 2023
The Last Time I Died [UK premiere]
Psappha Ensemble, Manchester

22 June 2023
Kulturkirche St. Stephani in Bremen, Germany

24th June 2023
doomed, done for, damned, and still [premiere]
London Sinfonietta, Kings Place, London

25th June 2023
Stadtkirche Bremen-Vegesack, LUX Festival, Germany

7th July 2023
The Land Grows Weary of its Own [premiere]
BBC Philharmonic
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK

9th July 2023
RAMP Festival, Donegal

14th July 2023
Dame Evelyn Glennie & the New London Chamber Ensemble
Lake District Summer Music

15th July 2023
Consent #7
Rarescale @ Nottingham Chamber Music festival at Nottingham Contemporary

13th July 2023
Snowblind [premiere]
Geth Griffith
Studio Three Point Five Manchester, UK

14th July – 29th September
Dendrocopos for Haptic Voices
Centre for Artistic and Social Practice
Toronto & Hamilton, Canada

17th August 2023
Sop Préacháinm, song cycle
Chamber Music on Valentia

16th September 2023
Private house Concert in Co. Clare, Ireland

17th September 2023
Thomastown, Kilkenny

26th October 2023
Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

28th October 2023
Refuse to be Wrecked [UK premiere]
Elizabeth Hilliard [voice] & electronics
Sound Festival, Aberdeen




Kindred Spirits/The Jerwood Collection
The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire

2nd February
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
Ulysses Journey at The Irish Film Institute &
The Irish Cultural Centre, Paris

5th February
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
SARC, Belfast, Northern Ireland

11th February
Consent #7
Hard Rain Soloists Ensemble
Queen’s University, Belfast

1st March

St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick, Ireland

2nd March

NUIG, Galway, Ireland

5th March
Anita’s Place, Mountshannon

6th March

Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

8th March

Finding a Voice Festival, Clonmel, Ireland

10th March

Maynooth University, Ireland

12th March

St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ireland

18th March
Exponential Ensemble, National Opera Center, New York

3rd April
Exponential Ensemble, Mahwah, New Jersey, New York

1st April
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
Ulysses Journey at DLR Libraries, Dublin

4th April
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
One Dublin One Book festival

28th April – 1st May
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
New Music Dublin Festival, Ireland

1st May
Flower Scar Road
RTE Concert Orchestra, New Music Dublin Festival, Ireland

5-8th May
Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, United States

16th June
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
Ulysses Journey, Irish Cultural Centre, Paris

17th June
I will see if I can see [Feicfidh mé má thig liom feicsin] 
Ulysses Journey, FUGA, Budapest

1st July
Mascaron [premiere]
The Royal Academy of Music, London

25-27th August
Wired with Kinetic Light
The Shed, New York

8th September
European Clarinet Association
Krakow, Poland

19th-27th November 2022
I Will See If I Can See, Ulysses Journey
HCMF – Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK

19th November 2022
Soberado & Anomaly
Xenia Pestova Bennett, Bangor, Northern Ireland

21st November 2022
Wait [String Quartet] [premiere]
RTÉ Con Tempo Quartet, University of Galway, Ireland

7th December 2022
Soberado & Anomaly
Xenia Pestova Bennett, Kaleidoscope Night, Dublin, Ireland




21st October
National Opera Center, 7th Avenue New York, Exponential Ensemble

1st September
Contemporary Music Centre Dublin, Xenia Pestova-Bennett

15th August
Hiding out ‘neath the Everything
New Music Gathering, USA, Darragh Morgan [violin]

8th August
End with Words of Hope
Sundays at Noon, Hugh Lane Gallery, Ireland, Elizabeth Hilliard & Paul Roe

12th – 16th July
Aerial Sparks album launch online & RTE Lyric FM Radio Broadcast
East:West – Where Morning is the Sea [film/music installation]

17th June
End with Words of Hope
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Elizabeth Hilliard/Paul Roe

26th May
St Luke’s, London. Toy-piano – Xenia Pestova-Bennett

30th April – 2 May
I Used to Feel, Theatre Kapow, site-specific performances,
New Hampshire, USA

17th March
Covid – anniversary essay [words & music]
The Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland/Online

16th March
Exponential Ensemble, New York

5th March
2 Steep 4 Sheep
Live album release. Kate Halsall – harmonium

15th January
Pencil Piano with Koji Nishioka
Southbank Centre/Online – Unlimited Festival




26th January-9th February
No Other Word For It
IMBOLC Festival, Derry, Northern Ireland

8th February
Sour Morning Crimson
Ideas of Noise Festival, Birmingham, UK

12th February
Pencil Piano
Leeds College of Music, UK

19th February
Sour Morning Crimson
Electric Spring Festival, Huddersfield, UK

28th February
Under the Rose
The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

12th March
Irish Language Art Songs
The National Concert Hall of Ireland, Dublin [postponed]

21st April
String Quartet Premiere
Galway, Ireland [postponed]

9th July
Loophole and Soberado
CMC Amplify Series [online]

20th-22nd August
The Shed, New York, USA [postponed]

20th Sept
Our First Lesson in Forgetting
Aalborg City Hall, Denmark

11th Sept – 11th Oct
East: West – Where Morning is the Sea
Galway European Capital of Culture




23th January
Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

27th January
Parambassis [world premiere]
Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2nd Feb
Fear Is
London Irish Centre, UK

17th Feb
Stones Rattled Downwards Beneath It
Illinois, USA

6 – 17th March
The Tallest Man in the World
The Tank Theater, New York

12th March
Consent #7, Child of our Time, Don’t!
Leeds College of Music, UK

2nd April
University of Wisconsin,
Wisconsin, USA

5th April
Skloniste [concert suite]
Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong

11th June
2 Steep 4 Sheep [some hills are]
Warsaw Biennale, Poland

12th June
XelmYa Trio
Festival Mujeres en la Música Nueva, Columbia

18th June
Pencil Piano
Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, USA

28th July-4th August
Our First Lesson in Forgetting
Tour of Denmark

1st September
XelmYa Trio at Schwartzsche Villa,
Berlin, Germany

14th September
2 Steep 4 Sheep [some hills are]
Eindhoven, Holland

27th September
Our First Lesson in Forgetting
Grand Nordic Festival, Denmark

27th October
Xelmya at St Thomas, Berlin, Germany

10th November
Manchester Song Cycle for Peace
Manchester Cathedral, UK

13th Dec
Cafe Oto, London




1 Feb
Imbolc Festival
Derry, Northern Ireland

7 Feb
Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Xenia Pestova – Cafe Oto, London

3 March
The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland

4 March
Sealán [premiere]
BSCO, Birmingham

5 April
Bronté: Linger
Amherst, Virginia, USA

12 April
VCCA, Virginia, USA

19 April
The Falling
Anne-Marie O’ Farrell, Maynooth, Ireland

23 April
Musical Tales 2018 One City-One Book
Dublkin, Ireland

10 May
Surrealist Pilgrims
Miranda Harmer, Leeds College of Music

24 May
2 Steep 4 Sheep
Priz Annelie De Man,
Orgelpark, Amsterdam

5 June
XelmYa at Unerhoerte Musik
Berlin, Germany

24 June
Cork Midsummer Festival

1 August
Consent #7
Rarescale, Harlaxton Manor, England

1 Sept
The Height of Me
Late Music Festival, York, UK

21, 22, 23 Sept
I Used to Feel
Dublin Fringe Festival, Ireland

11 Oct
Bitterweed [reading, a play]
Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork, Ireland

14 Oct
Birmingham BCMG

27 Oct – 2
Steep 4 Sheep (some hills are)
Kate Halsall – Sound Festival, Scotland

18 Nov
Manchester Peace Song Cycle
Heaton Park Hall, Manchester, UK

21 Nov
Manchester Peace Song Cycle
The Royal Northern College of Music,
Manchester, UK

5 Dec
Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Queens University, Belfast

8 Dec
Clothworkers Hall
University of Leeds, UK

8 Dec
We Are Still Here
St Helen’s Town Hall, St Helens, UK

27 Dec
Regret Not Me
Kibbutz Harduf – Jerusalem, Israel




9 February
Irish Cultural Centre, Paris, France

3 March
St Johns Hackney
London, UK

17 March
BiH Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia

24 March
End with Words of Hope
James Joyce Centre, Dublin, Ireland

30 March
Beautiful Cracked Eyes
SARC, Belfast

2 April
Manifold (play)
La Mama Theater, New York City

28 May
The Tallest Man in the World (play)
Great Plains Theater Conference,
Omaha, USA

8 June
City University Summer Sounds Festival
London, UK

14 June
Consent #7
The National Theatre of Belgrade,

19 June
Quantitas Speaks
Birmingham Conservatoire,
Birmingham, UK

22 & 23 June
I Used to Feel
Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland

27 July
Break Down De Doom
Hallé St. Peters, Manchester, UK

26 August
MusicOMI, New York State, USA

8 Oct
Ensemble XelmYa,
Berlin, Germany

13 Oct
Anglia Ruskin University,
Cambridge, UK

10 Nov
The Tallest Man in the World [play]
The Tank Theater,
New York City

1 Dec
Corcadorca Theatre Company,
Cork, Ireland

10 Dec
Consent #7
Novi Sad, Serbia

18 Dec
Old Municipal Hospital of Patras,

19 Dec
An Art Artistry
Athens, Greece




27 Feb
Association of Irish Composer’s ‘New Directions’
James Joyce Centre, Dublin

2 March
Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Cafe Oto, London

20-23 May
Whispers of Heaton
Heaton Hall, Manchester

14 June
Fresh Yorkshire Aires, Leeds

21 June
Daniel Grimwood, Gregynog Music Festival

27 June
Fresh Yorkshire Aires,
Bank street Arts, Sheffield

6 Sept
Into The Sea of Waking Dreams
Xenia Pestova, The Forge
London, UK

15 Sept
Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Xenia Pestova, Cork Orchestral Society
Cork, Ireland

21 Sept
Beautiful Cracked Eyes
Isabelle O’ Connell
Composing the Island, NCH, Dublin

29 Sept
End with Words of Hope
Paul Roe & A Grimm
British Columbia University, Canada

7 Oct
Dogs in Waiting
The Koffee Pot, Manchester

15 Oct
Kirkos Ensemble,
Temple Bar Galleries, Dublin

20 Oct
Liverpool Irish Festival, FACT, Liverpool

22 Oct
Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds

23 Oct
Wainsgate Chapel,
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

27 Oct
CMC Salon, Lutheran Hall, Dublin

20 Nov
A Black Hole of Idiocy
Kevin Barry Room, NCH, Dublin

22 Nov
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

23 Nov
Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

24 Nov
Bradford Delius Arts Centre

25 Nov
Stan’s Cafe, Birminghan

5 Dec
I Used to Feel
Spitalfields Winter Festival, London




23 Feb
Beautiful Cracked Eyes
David Bremner
National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland

4 March
Beautiful Cracked Eyes
David Bremner, Trinity College Dublin

5-28 March
Platform Gallery, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

15 April
Dubinina’s Tongue
The Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin

23 April
Dubinina’s Tongue
CUNY, New York, USA

12 Sept
The Consequences of Falling
Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

10-12 Sept
Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

6 Oct to 4 Jan
Linger Installation
Bronte Parsonage Museum,
Haworth, Yorkshire

30 Oct
Bronte Parsonage Museum, Yorkshire

23 Nov
Treasured [suite]
Brendan Ball, The Music Room, Liverpool

24 Nov
Dubinina’s Tongue
CMC Salon, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin

Ni Riain

Will it be Easy? A Ní Ríain © 2017