Other writing

Eyeless (2014)

Folk singer & chamber choir. Music and poetry by Ailís Ní Ríain (Irish translation by Iarla O’ Lionáird). Commissioned by Béal Festival Ireland in 2012. Premiered by Iarla O’ Lionáird and singers from The National Chamber Choir of Ireland at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, November 2012.

“This day
I hear you singing
In brutal reason,
Broken rhyme.
I can tell this world
Has taken its toll.
Dul amú
Dul amú.”

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Brief-Blue-Electric-Bloom (2010)

Written, composed and devised by Ailís Ní Ríain. Brief-Blue-Electric-Bloom is a 60 mins work of music-theatre for two sign language performers, live classical musicians, video animation and text. Funded and developed by Greenroom, Manchester – premiered at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester in 2010. Subsequently selected for Arts Council England Decibel Showcase 2011.

“Allow me to introduce you to a place
Where I am yours
And you are someone-elses.
Allow me to introduce you to this
All love is insane…”



In Sleep… (2010)

Soprano & chamber ensemble. Commissioned by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s 10:10 Ensemble with Lore Lixenberg. Words and music by Ailís Ní Ríain. Premiered at The Cornerstone in Liverpool, UK in February 2010.

“I awake with you on my tongue, I am eloquent only in sleep, where
splashes of wisdom fall from my mouth more easily. Colours form and slide, a prism of light eclipsing all doubt. I lie here among wet blankets of unease, damp with the sweat of conscience. I’ve been fighting for peace for far too long…”


Intone (2013)

A music, poetry and paper sculpture installation commissioned for the International Durham Brass Festival in July 2013 in collaboration with artist Nicola Dale and trumpeter Brendan Ball.

“The responsibilities of these extremities
Weigh down these butcher’s shoulders;
these privileged posturings.
My cloaks hide vast armouries.”