MOP Monodrama Premiere, Manchester, UK

Break Down De Doom

Ailís Ní Ríain’s monodrama, Break Down De Doom, uses as its text, by special permission, excerpts from ‘The Invention of Tragedy’ by experimental American playwright Mac Wellman. Mr Wellman is known for his use of unconventional dramatic form, often abandoning the notion of plot and character in favour of an abstract collage approach to narrative expression.

Ní Ríain, is a composer who creates pieces of abstract beauty that often touch on very current human issues in a subtle, delicate manner. Her attention is to small movements of thought or feeling with a deeply compassionate approach.

Break Down De Doom should prove to be a unique partnership of Wellman’s method of word collage combined with Ni Riain’s keen observation for tiny moments that can run very large in the human psyche.

The piece will be performed by mezzo-soprano Jennifer Parker conducted by Tom Newall and accompanied by violin, cello, flute and viola. The premiere performance will take place on Thursday July 27, 2017 at Halle St Peter’s, Ancoats.

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Text © Mac Wellman from The Invention of Tragedy
Break Down De Doom Premiere Manchester 27-7-176
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