Ailís at the Brontë piano
CD cover for Linger
The Brontë piano

Linger was a musical installation comprising six new pieces written and performed on the Brontë family piano in response to time spent at the Parsonage. The pieces were installed in six rooms inside the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire, northern England.

“The installation breaks new ground at the museum as Linger is the first piece of music to be composed for the Parsonage and in particular for the family’s instrument. Also of significance, it offers audiences a rare opportunity to hear the Brontë piano, a treasured item of the museum’s collection.” – Brontë Parsonage Museum

Each work reflects the essence of a different room, composed in response to time spent by the artist at the Parsonage. The pieces are composed to ‘lock into each other’ when heard at a distance. In essence, Linger is a large work for six intertwining, contrapuntal voices which are separated into six rooms in the Brontë home.

Elements of each piece would ‘drift’ or ‘leak’ out of each room forming a sonorous space all of its own on and near the stairwell. Visitors were invited to dwell in quiet contemplation and thought; simply, to linger.

Link to full project details here.