Kate Halsall performs 2 Steep 4 Sheep 28th April, Glasgow 2023


Kate Halsall – adventurous piano and keyboards player gives a performance of Ní Ríain’s 2 Steep 4 Sheep [some hills are] in Glasgow on 28th April 2023.

New music and improv with pianist Kate Halsall, from her 2021 album release, Breathe in Me. Music for piano and harmoniums by Pippa Murphy Ailís Ní Ríain and Diana Salazar, alongside some new collaborations with very special guests, electronic artist and producer Dextro (aka Ewan MacKenzie) and composer/performer and improviser Faye MacCalman.


Kate Halsall performs and commissions new music for piano and other keyboard instruments. Her solo performances often combine old/new music with improvised elements and electronics written for her by composers including Pippa Murphy, Fumiko Miyachi, Leo Chadburn and Rose Dodd among many others. She has released music on several labels including on Birmingham Record Label & NMC Recordings with her piano duo Cobalt, and Miniaturised Concertos | Maché, her album of new works and remixes for multiple pianos, electronics and ensemble released on Metier; and with Another Timbre, Antoine Beuger’s Ockeghem Octets.

Kate has performed at international festivals and series, including for Nonclassical, Blackheather Club and London International Festival of Exploratory Music; Cheltenham Festival, Belfast Book Festival, Marte festival Malaga, ICT + Art NEM Summit Nantes, Timezones festival Italy, The Barbican Centre (John Cage Uncaged), ICMC Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, ICU Rome, Peak Performances New Jersey; Sound Source London, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music Belfast, Oxford Contemporary Music, and Sound Scotland.

“Intriguing” ‘2 Steep 4 Sheep [some hills are]’ by Ailís Ní Ríain, Breathe in Me, The Wire magazine, Spenser Tomson (May 2021)

“poetic loveliness” (Leo Chadburn’s Vapour Descriptors with Kate Halsall), Peter Margasak, Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical (April 2021)

“Tender and heroically controlled” Ockeghem Octets, Antoine Beuger. Kate Molleson, Guardian