A music, poetry and paper sculpture installation commissioned for the International Durham Brass Festival in July 2013. Taking the unusual power of the crown and the cloak wielded by the Prince Bishops of Durham as their starting point, Ailís Ní Ríain and Nicola Dale present an installation piece comprising music, poetry and sculpture.

The work reflects on the powerful public roles these men held and considers the imagined private world of worry that permeates the minds of men of faith who have had political responsibility thrust upon them.

The electroacoustic sound-installation combines the playing of Brendan Ball of The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Nicola Dale’s imaginative work puts her at the forefront of contemporary artists who re-imagine the role of the printed text.” Nicola Dale has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Australia, America and Europe, including Manchester Art Gallery’s record-breaking national touring exhibition, The First Cut (Manchester, Nottingham & Southampton, 2012-2014), alongside internationally renowned artists Kara Walker, Andreas Kocks, Mia Pearlman and Rob Ryan amongst others.
INTONE [2013]