I Used To Feel

‘A young woman has been alone in a hotel room for three days. Do not disturb?’

I Used To Feel is a 25 minute site-specific music-theatre piece which explores experiences of deafness and communication break-down. Initially developed at Spitalfields Music Festival, London; I Used to Feel was subsequently shown at Cork Midsummer Festival 2017. Supported by Arts & Disability Ireland.


Kate Romano [musician]
Alvean Jones [performer]
Rachael Veazey [consultant, Deaf Explorers]
Ailís Ní Ríain [composer, writer, director]

Dublin Fringe Festival 2018

An intimate, site-specific music-theatre piece set in a hotel room that questions the essence of communication and what contributes to its breakdown.

Theatre, live classical music, visual language and movement focus us on the challenges of communication. Composed, written and directed by Ailís Ní Riaín with performers Alvean Jones and Kate Romano.

Supported by Dublin Fringe Festival & Arts & Disability Ireland
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Cork Midsummer Festival 2017

Spitalfields Festival London 2016

Audience Responses


“Very different to anything I’ve ever seen.”

“She was difficult to leave behind.”

“Powerful; upsetting.”

“Oppressive, a strong atmosphere.”

“Music is beautiful & strong visual imagery.”

“It made me think of entanglements…”

“The role of the musician made me think differently about the scenario.”

“Very moving…”

“Someone’s struggle to be understood.”

“Loneliness encapsulated.”

Music extract from 'I Used to Feel'

I Used To Feel (extract 1)

by Ailís Ní Ríain | Played by Kate Romano

I Used to Feel (extract 2)

by Ailis Ni Riain | Played by Kate Romano