Don’t! USA Premiere Performance by Exponential Ensemble Feb 2021

Exponential Ensemble

The New York based Exponential Ensemble have given a digital E-portrait performance of Don’t! [2001] for bass-clarinet and cello.

The Exponential Ensemble is a chamber music ensemble made of top-notch performers and experienced teaching artists. Throughout each seasons a roster of guest musicians enables its core ensemble to grow exponentially within each performance; presenting audiences with classic masterworks alongside contemporary masterpieces.


“Don’t! is a musical conversation which initially derived from a written scene in words for two performers. Increasingly language itself got in the way of expression and I turned the idea into an instrumental duo, for bass-clarinet and cello. It seemed to me that both instruments shared much in terms of sonority at times, but were simultaneously sufficiently different from each other to fit the theme of the piece – the breakdown of communication between two people.”

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