Disability Arts Online – New Board Member


Ailís is delighted to have been invited to join the board of Disability Arts Online.

Ailís is deaf/hearing-impaired and has been making work which references sensory disability since 2006. More detail here

Established in 2004 with support from Arts Council England, Disability Arts Online [DAO] has built up a vast body of discussion, reviews, interviews, profiles, blogs and resources and is an organisation led by disabled people, set up to advance disability arts and culture.

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Disability Online: “Our understanding of disability arts and culture is informed by the Social Model of Disability, as an antidote to the Medical Model of Disability, which assigns us as rejects in need of being fixed in order to conform to normative values. We see disability arts and culture as a supportive environment where experience of barriers we face as disabled people can be shared and our lives valued.”