Disability Arts Online – In Conversation – ‘Wired’



An interview published by Disability Arts Online September 2022 between Alice Sheppard of Kinetic Light and composer Ailís Ní Ríain.

Kinetic Light Dance Company is an internationally-recognized disability arts ensemble whose production Wired played in New York last month. Alice Sheppard (Director, Dancer and Choreographer) and Ailís Ní Ríain (Composer) discuss their collaboration on a fascinating project, which honours the race, disability, and gender history of barbed wire in the United States.




Debut Disc Album NMC Recordings May 2023

Debut Disc Album NMC Recordings May 2023

Coming 26th May 2023 Click to pre-order  The Last Time I Died is the first full-length album from the Irish composer Ailís Ní Ríain. The latest in NMC's Debut...