Boy You Turn Me

boy you turn me
A dual layered electroacoustic sound installation based on a story by David Gaffney  (published by Salt) commissioned by Birmingham Book Festival 2011 for an empty shop unit at the Pavillions Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

The extract below is of one of the musical ‘layers’ – not intended to be listened to on its own but instead as part of a pair of accompanying sonic layers within and without a semi-closed inner structure.  This is an extract from the story of the female shop worker. Her voice is accompanied by string trio and alto flute.

“Introverted and intense- a sympathetic and subtle soundtrack. Outside the ‘tower’, and sometimes bleeding in over the top of it, the second layer of story and score is much more challenging and confrontational, with discordant, slightly uncomfortable, overtones.”

– Review, The Creative Times

Supported by Arts Council England, Birmingham Book Festival and PRS for Music Foundation.

Boy You Turn Me [2011]
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