The Tallest Man in the World

Two men. One woman. Treacherously connected. Forever alone. A play about love, torment, memories and loss; suspended in a timeless place with only memories for company. Poetic, rhythmic and highly nuanced, a ‘trio’ for voices. The Tallest Man in the World was a finalist in the 2015 Eugene O’ Neill Playwright’s Conference.

The award-winning Irish Corcadorca Theatre Company presented the Irish premiere of The Tallest Man in the World as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival in 2013.


“…a psychologically intriguing play…”  – The Irish Examiner 4*
“A significant talent”  – The Irish Times
“Ní Ríain’s writing is superb”  – The Irish Examiner
“A thoughtful, intelligent and above all brave artistic voice.”  – The Irish Theatre Magazine


She was spirited and slight,
Had her soul on her sleeve that night
And I envied her ability
To place one word after another
Join them all up
And sing of her luminous darkness.
She’s smaller then I’d remembered her
Shrunken somehow,
No future left in her indolent eyes.
Just a jangling of broken instruments,
Broken melodies,
Broken bones.”

tallest man

The Tallest Man in the World at the Great Plains Theater Conference 2017, Nebraska, USA