CELL was premiered at 24:7 Theatre Festival in 2009 directed by Paula Simms and subsequently transferred to the RE:Play (best of the fringe) Season at The Library Theatre, Manchester in 2010.

CELL is an intense and, at times, disturbing look into a day in the life of Hickey, a very bright but damaged young man who has endured years of over expectation and pressure with the result that he has now withdrawn into a reclusive lifestyle with an imaginary alter ego questioning his every decision. His only contact with the outside world is the internet and the meals his Mother delivers to his bedroom door.


“Of all the 24:7 Theatre Festival productions I’ve seen this year, Cell is by far one of the strongest.”
***** What’s on Stage

“I loved it. Strong, gripping, powerful”  – **** The Public Reviews


“‘Tis all sorted!
All workin’ like clockwork Mrs Quirk.
‘Jus need my familiar

Ticks-tacks-tops-taps ’round me,
Beltin’ away happily n’ regular.
‘Lil molars polin’, goin’ ’round and ‘round
Keepin’ me safe n’ no pressure-roo,
Here, indoors, in my nest.
Those pressures useta stump me
Thump me
Pressin’ down on me
Whippin’ away at me
‘Til all that’s left is the sweaty quiver,
Like jelly-man.
Metronome pulse one-eighty,
All these feckin’ pressure cookers!
Pressure cookers everywhere.
Pressure cookers unite-ing and killin’ me!”